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A couple of years ago we set out to make an experimental feature film. Since we all film and photograph things on our phones nearly every day, we wondered whether it would be possible to cut together a story from the clips found on a group of friends’ phones.

Our idea was to use smartphones and small HD cameras to capture improvised performances in real-life settings without the need for a full crew or a big budget, capitalising on the amazing quality footage you could achieve on a phone to the point we had to reduce the quality of the footage to make it look believable. We also came across countless amazing resources that could turn anyone with a smartphone and a computer into a filmmaker.

So rather than being just an experiment we thought this could be a new style or genre of filmmaking that anyone could get involved with.

There just needed to be a call to action…
And so we created HYPEREAL.


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It might sound strange at first but when you think about it we already make films like this all the time. Everyone points their phone, shoots what they see, quickly edits it and then uploads it for the world to see. And everyday we watch content produced by other people on their phones and computers… from our phones. Vloggers, YouTubers, Snappers, Viners, Instagrammers.

We’re also the generation that grew up with the found footage genre (boosted by films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity) and drama and comedy influenced by reality TV. Professionally produced content with big budgets, sets, make-up artists, wardrobe departments and film crews.

HYPREAL is the middle ground.

Now everyone has a movie camera in their pocket, and lives in a world of social networks to share film content. And with databases full of free, professional quality, music, sounds and images… powerful bundled and free to download edit suites… we already have everything we need to make great films.

Great cinema doesn’t always need glossy production values, big budgets and computer generated special effects. And online content doesn’t have to be cats jumping into bags, hilarious accidents and pictures of avocados and sunsets. All you need is great story, a phone and some apps to edit it.

Be part of it, you already are.

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So, now you’ve got everything you need. Go make your HYPEREAL film.

Whilst making your HYPEREAL Film, just stick to the follow brief and you can’t go wrong.

  1. Produce a 15 – 90 minute feature using nothing more than smartphones (or HD cameras) and edit it together on your laptop/PC. Write it, produce it and add a soundscape/track. Create it yourself (again with free apps) or find it on a royalty free music database.
  2. Stick to the HYPEREAL style. For more information check our HYPERULES here.
  3. Submit it (or a trailer) to us at hype@HYPEREAL.global.
  4. If you’re successful we give will contact you to about appearing at the HYPEREAL Festival 2016.

We’ll be publishing tips and tricks for improvising scripts, coaching actors, selecting apps and kit, structuring your shorts and features and more in the HYPERBLOG.

We don’t want corny dialogue or wooden sets, we know (having done it) that you can self-shoot low budget stories that are compelling and beautiful. Real locations, real performances, natural lighting and talent are all you need.


In 2016 we’ll be launching the first HYPEREAL Film Festival.

We’ll be taking submissions from all around the world and we’d like you to submit your film for a chance to be shown. Dedicated to low/no budget filmmaking, the HYPEREAL Festival will be a showcase of the best in smartphone filming.

We’ll also be commissioning a number of filmmakers to create their own HYPEREAL films that will be shown along side yours.

We'll be releasing more information soon about HYPEREAL and the upcoming festival, so to keep up to date just just subscribe to our mailing list below.
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The Idea

The concept behind HYPEREAL is that we all carry small cameras with us all the time. This opens up all sorts of filming possibilities to make believable and naturalistic films regardless of their genre. Just imagine a storyline that fits that style and then go straight out and film it. Scripts are totally optional.

7 Simple Rules

Take a look at the 7 simple rules for HYPEREAL filmmaking. These rules have been created to help guide you to make simple, quick and watchable films that fit with this new genre. Of course we’re totally open to experimentation and new ideas too.

Improvise And Shoot

HYPEREAL films use low and no-budget footage produced using smartphones (as well as handheld HD cameras and CCTV footage). There’s no script or traditional crew, HYPEREAL filmmaking is storytelling through improvisation and is shot by the actors themselves.

Add Music

Add license free or Creative Commons licensed music and sound or get your friends to record the soundtrack. Or create your own using free or bundled music production software on your PC or laptop.


Polish your footage into a narrative in the edit stage. This maybe filmmaking in reverse, but what you get in the end is a realistic and believable film.


Using free editing software, that is often bundled on your smartphone, PC or Mac, cut your film ready for upload. There are a number of sites you can release you film through (YouTube or Vimeo). But you could submit it to the HYPEREAL Festival.



This is where HYPEREAL began.

STARVECROW is the first feature length HYPEREAL film. It was made with no crew, no script, no set design, no stylists and no make-up department. The actors took it upon themselves to create their own characters and perform their own storylines, film each other (in character) and act as stylists, producers, directors and editors.

The finished film was edited from over 70hrs of footage by a crowd-sourced team of editors studying film. They took the work and constructed a dark, disturbing narrative about the secret lives we lead, captured on our phones through nights out, vlogs and lifelogging.

STARVECROW has helped define HYPEREAL, not just a new genre but also a new filmmaking discipline that recognises that individuals and groups, outside the film studio system, can create beautiful films using just their smartphones, PCs and their inherent creativity. It places the emphasis on the emotional content of film, not predictable formats or special effects.

www.STARVECROW.com (Contains adult themes)

WARNING: This trailer is rated 18 (contains adult themes).


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