October 25, 2017 admin

STARVECROW World Premiere Screening at the ICA London

Considered to be the world’s first “Selfie” movie, #STARVECROW is also the first Hypereal film. There’s no director of photography or film crew, no production designer, no set builder, no special effects and no elaborate post-production. What you see is what you get. The focus is on “real life” acting and story-telling.

#STARVECROW appears as an assembly of “stolen” smartphone and “hacked” CCTV footage – 69 hours of rushes cut to an 84 minute feature film. Improvised throughout, the actors play their own names, style themselves and do their own hair & make-up. The actors contributed to their storylines and character development, filming themselves and each other using smartphones.

There will be a world premiere screening at the ICA in London on Friday 24th November at 8.00pm. The 8.00pm screening will be followed by a set from #STARVECROW’s Soundscape Designer, the legendary DJ Noel Watson.

#STARVECROW is the story of Ben and Jess. Ben is a control-freak, charmer, abuser and warped product of the digital age. He films everything. Jess is fresh out of rehab. Their worlds are dominated by each other but Jess needs some space and time apart and is invited by her friends to their house in the woods for the weekend. People arrive and the party kicks off, but not everyone attending has been invited.

#STARVECROW is a disturbing story of obsession, narcissism and complex relationships, where friendships and families are irreversibly broken.

#STARVECROW features a mix of established actors and talented newcomers, including an appearance by Downton Abbey’s Jeremy Swift, who stars alongside RocknRolla’s David Bark Jones and The Pillars of the Earth’s Skye Lourie. (See IMDb – imdb.to/1mG0cDT)

Filmed across 2 years at various locations including London, Venice Beach, Geneva, Rome and Norway (as well as some very dark woods near Hastings) #STARVECROW coins the term for a new genre known as HYPEREAL.