7 simple rules for making HYPEREAL films

The HYPERULES are 7 simple rules for making HYPEREAL films. We are open to all types of mobile filmmaking and if you want to go all out and make it as professional as possible you should! But these rules will allow you to make simple, quick and watchable films that fit in the new genre, without the need for a script, professional equipment or massive budget.


#1. HYPEREAL films look like they really happened.

They are believable, naturalistic films regardless of their genre – so it could be comedy, sci-fi, drama or horror but always need to have that “real footage” HYPEREAL film quality. For an example, check out www.starvecrow.com.

#2. HYPEREAL films place emphasis on storytelling and acting.

HYPEREAL films use minimal effects and post-production (basics like grading) but complex graphics or special effects don’t support the believable, naturalistic nature of HYPEREAL.

#3. HYPEREAL films are made using phones and laptops.

HYPEREAL films should be made for low/no budget from the kit you carry every day. No lights or expensive cameras and sound recording equipment should be required. HYPEREAL films are improvised, collaborative and shot in real places…not art directed sets.

#4. HYPEREAL films are shot by the actors themselves.

There’s no crew… or stylist… or production designer. Actors wear their own clothes and do their own make up and hair. The emphasis is on creating a powerful, believable performance. You don’t have to work hard and spend lots to look like you already do!

#5. HYPEREAL films don’t use scripts.

All scenes are improvised within a basic scene structure… “In this scene we want x, y and z” to happen and then the actors improvise the footage as they film it. This technique, using improvisation skills (such as Meisner or Stanaslavski systems) enables actors to deliver honest performances and don’t require multiple takes and word perfect scripted dialogue. What happens… happens.

#6. HYPEREAL storylines are polished into narratives when the clips are edited together.

The director and editors work with the footage produced to create stories that are as realistic and believable as possible. In a way, it’s filmmaking in reverse, you start with the shoot and end with the writing, which takes place in the edit based on what the actors shot.

#7. HYPEREAL films are shot for low/no budgets...

The costs of a HYPEREAL movie are minimal. There’s no need to spend on locations, equipment or crew hire. Be creative, cover your costs, use the phone you have and the editing software already on your computer. HYPEREAL films only use original material and don’t use other people’s copyright material (video or audio) without express permission from the copyright owner.

You’ve already got everything you need, go make a HYPEREAL film.